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Podcast Ninja

Mar 4, 2018

Seth Feingersh produces Gary’s podcast The GaryVee Audio Experience, as well as his Alexa skill, GaryVee 365, and other projects within the VaynerX world. During the show, you get a detailed description of Gary Vaynerchuk’s podcast and livestreaming setup. Find out what he uses and why he uses it.


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My Podcasting Gear:

Time Stamps:

00:23 - How Seth got to work for Gary Vaynerchuk
02:41 - Gary’s starting podcasting gear
03:49 - Microphones & the Audio interface
05:08 - Gain and cloudlifters with the SM7b
06:06 - XLR cables & boom mic arms
08:48 - Macbook, DSLRs, and Black Magic
09:33 - Recording with OBS and thunderbolt
12:28 - Wearing headphones recording
13:29 - Budget podcasting gear
15:00 - Zoom portable mic
16:07 - Mistakes to learn from
18:43 - Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Audition Software
20:43 - Editing style & social media sharing

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